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The main objective of the Konark Dance & Music festival is to share the essence of contemporary dance with the public, to reach those who would otherwise not connect with dance or the arts. For this reason, the Konark Dance & Music festival team are searching for a diverse range of contemporary dance works, including fusions of classical contemporary and other folk styles between 15 mins and 1 hour. The performances must be suitable to be performed in both conventional and non-conventional spaces.
Also aiming to promote exchanges among professional artists, the team will organize an event within the festival consisting of workshops, conferences etc. On the first day, invited artists will create a short piece together to be performed during the festival, lead by an industry professional.

The festival is also looking for submissions from other art forms (theatre, performance, installation, music, visual arts, photography, sculpture, films etc.) that are related to, influenced by or with a connection to dance and movement. For non-performing arts submissions, contact the Konark Dance & Music festival team for more information.

If you would like to be considered to perform / participate in the festival, please follow below how to apply steps

How to apply:
Participant should send their latest profile, Two high quality latest photographs, Own or group performance DVD with the Dance form written on it on which they want to perform at festival to our city Head office address

64 Kharavel Nagar, Unit - III,
Bhubaneswar 751001
Odisha, India
Mobile: +91 99370 08022 & +91 9776008022
Festival site: www.konarkfestival.com

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+91 9776008022
+91 9937008022
Konark Natya Mandap, State Highway 13, Off Konark Rd, Arka Vihar Konark, Odisha, India, 752111
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